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Check out our welding merchandise and get yourself outfitted with some of the basic tools needed to do those random small projects you need done. If we don’t have what your looking for, let us know, and we can get it in for you!


Offering a wide range of welding services for any job.

Custom Welding & Fabricating

At our shop we will design and build your project, modify it, or repair it! We do production runs, custom fabricating, and repairs. We also have a designing program that we can draw up your project and email the DXF files to a laser/plasma shop of your choice that will cut your parts for you.

Mobile Welding Service

We have a Truck and Cargo Trailer that contains a genset to provide our own power source. We can run mig, stick, and tig on-site. We do on-site repairs, posts and beams, as well as new barns and barn stabling renovations. We have the advantage of making the parts at our shop and installing them on-site, which eliminates the potential of confusion when exchanging project specifications.

Low Cost Storage

With a modified shipping container you can acquire storage space with low overhead costs and no permits!

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Low Cost Storage!

With a modified shipping container you can acquire storage space with low overhead costs and no permits!

A shipping container allows business to expand their storage capacity who have limited work floor space and keeps the overhead down as well. With the ability to open the whole side, long material items such as steel tubing can be stored under roof to maintain the quality of the product. Skids of hardware and other densely packed items can be easily organized in sections and accessed at anytime without the need of removing or re-piling everything in the container.

This type of storage is ideal for storing your seeds, fertilizer, and other small items into while freeing up your shed space for bigger machinery. The container is also watertight and keeps your product from getting damaged by the elements, as well as birds, small animals or hit by equipment. The tarp design allows you to access the whole side of the container, making it easy to select the item you want with ease and then quickly close it up again.

These containers are also a great choice for the home owner who wants to free up garage space or have no garage but needs a place for those off seasons items or lawn care equipment.